Kindle Kids Edition with 2-Year Worry-Free Guarantee

Kindle Kids Edition with 2-Year Worry-Free Guarantee
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Kindle kids Edition is a tablet with a black and white non-glare screen and specially designed for children to read books. Designed for long-term reading with battery life, Kindle kids Edition allows your kids to read books easily and safely without any games, ads or videos. With the included year of FreeTime Unlimited, kids can discover and read popular series. Sold with a 1-year subscription, Kindle Book Reader is automatically renewed every month, including only $ 2.99 per month and applicable Tax after 1 year. FreeTime Unlimited includes you the first books of other popular series like Harry Potter series and Artemis Fowl. 

Kindle ebook reader also contains books that more than a thousand children may be interested in. With its long battery life and ability to hold charge for weeks, Kindle book reader allows your children to read the books they will love for a long time. Now, with its new feature, you can not only read and listen to stories. Kindle reader is ideally designed for both beginners and experienced book readers. With Kindle kids online book reading tested and approved by parents, you can improve your child’s reading skills and take it further. Kindle kids online book reading is designed for reading only, so children do not have access to the internet or social media.

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 Product Description 

Kindle kids Edition is a tablet uniquely designed for reading books so that you can improve your children’s reading skills. This Book Reader, which contains the stories that children love to read, especially for yourself, will turn into a favorite device that our children do not drop. 

This e-Book Reader, especially without access to the Internet, will become a favorite product of parents. In addition, short and simple definitions automatically appear on these difficult words with the Word Wise feature, so your children are less likely to read. This feature also helps your kids learn new words.

Editor’s review

In my opinion, Kindle kids Edition is a tablet that helps children develop and improve their reading skills. Especially for protective parents, the ability to access the internet is a must. In this way, your child can both read the legendary books such as Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, and Harry Potter in a fun way and improve their reading skills. 

Kindle kids Edition not only has the feature of reading but also has the ability to listen to books. And so with FreeTime Unlimited, they can both read and listen to over a thousand books for their children. Kindle kids Edition will make your kids love reading and spend their time more efficiently and beneficially.

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