Kiaitre Food Digital Kitchen Scale for Cooking and Baking

Kiaitre Food Digital Kitchen Scale for Cooking and Baking
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One of the secrets of being successful in the kitchen is knowing how much of each
ingredient you are going to use for the food that you are going to cook or bake. So let us
introduce the Kiaitre food scale for cooking and banking purposes. It will be your friend in
your kitchen. This digital kitchen scale made for contemporary kitchens with its stainless
steel and white design. Kitchen scale by Kiaitre is a high-quality scale that gives correct
weight reading. This food scale for cooking and baking measures between 1 and 5000
grams (0.04 and 11 pounds).
Kitchen scale by Kiaitre can easily measure water, milk as it will automatically subtract the
weight of the bowl or container. It will let you convert between recipes when needed and the
LCD display will show you the metrics or standard weights and volume measurements like g,
kg, lb, oz, ml, mike ml. This food scale for baking and cooking works best on a flat surface.
It’s always better to measure your portions before you eat something to make your lifestyle
healthier. With a digital scale by Kiaitre, it’s easy to measure and portion your food. It will
change and will be an important part of your daily life. This food scale will be almost as
important as your knives.

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Product Description

Be sure that this product will be the first step of your healthy lifestyle if it’s not started yet.
You can easily weight your food portion sizes in grams and calculate how many calories it
has. By doing this you will control your food intake on a daily basis.
It’s small, compact, and easy to use. Kiaitre food digital kitchen scale will play an important
role in preparing and serving meals as well as making your kitchen more efficient. Just be
sure that it’s on a stable and vibration-free surface.

Editor’s review

First I want to mention here its tare function where the scale subtracts the weight of a bowl
or container. It’s very important to me. And it’s very easy to clean this digital scale with a
damp cloth. Its surface is scratch-resistant and it protects the digital scale. Just need to
remove the protective film before using it.
And another thing that I liked is its size. It’s small and lightweight. It won’t take much space
in your kitchen but its help will be very important. If you are a cooking lover this scale will be
your best friend in your kitchen.

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