High-performance cast iron by AmazonBasics!

High-performance cast iron by AmazonBasics!
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Meet AmazonBasics cast iron with its 2 side handles and a fitted lid. This cast iron is oven safe to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s made for even heat distribution and retention. The product doesn’t have a non-stick function and you can wash it only with your hands. It’s always good to use oven mitts, hot pads, or potholders during moving or removing this cast iron cookware on or from your oven or the stove. There are 4 different colors being offered for this cast iron so you can check and choose the right color for your kitchen.

With its design and features, it will be a great addition to your cookware collection and kitchen. It can be used for different purposes and be sure that you will get high performance each time. AmazonBasics cast iron can be easily used for baking, roasting, braising or boiling. You will just enjoy the taste of your favorite dishes. This high-performance cast iron will work for all dishes and especially well for one-dish meals. It will be perfect if you begin to saute and brown on the stovetop and then and some liquids and finish your dish in the oven. This cast iron cookware is easy to use and clean. 

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Product Description

You don’t need to dirty multiple pots as it can be easily moved from refrigerator to your stovetop or oven and then to the table for serving. Isn’t this really good? This best cost iron cookware can easily be used on different cooking surfaces like stovetops, ovens, or on a barbecue.

You just need to be careful while using on ceramic or glass-topped surfaces and avoid dragging it for protecting the cooking surface. And here are some other suggestions! For getting the best results it’s always good to add oil-water when heating. It will help the cooking process as well as the cleaning. You can use vegetable oil or cooking spray for that. And it’s also good to use it with low and medium heat.

Editor’s review:

First thing I want to mention that it’s the most preferred 2nd product in the Dutch Ovens category. It’s made of heavy-duty cast iron for even heating and optimal cooking performance. About using it with different utensils, you need to be careful about metal ones as they can scratch or chip enamel finish.

Heat-resistant silicone, wooden and plastic utensils are suggested for use. And as we mentioned it’s easy to clean this cookware. You just need to hand wash it in warm and soapy water and then just rinse. For avoiding rusting it’s always good to hand dry it. And it will be good if you don’t use citrus-based cleaners for exterior gloss protection.

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