Facial Masks – Covid-19 Protection Mask – Surgical Mask Corona Virus

Facial Masks - Covid-19 Protection Mask - Surgical Mask Corona Virus
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In order to prevent the spread of bacterias and viruses, it is important to use face masks. The standard of the medical market is these easy to use disposable earloop face masks. Disposable face masks will be effective to prevent the spread of harmful particles, with its high quality and breathable non woven fabric, strong and comfortable earloops and embedded metal support for nose clip to make the mask fit better on the face. This product comes as a 100 pieces box, each of them with three-ply fabric.

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Human Health

When it comes to human health, every detail and issue must be clear. If there is risk about spread of viruses from human to human, to protect ourselves, our family and also every other person that we may get into close contact must be our first responsibility. When you are together with potential people with illnesses, or when you think that you may be the contamined one, these disposable face masks are a primary precaution.


These masks are made of non woven materials. Non woven materials provides production with big amounts, in a shorter time and with great efficiency for medical grade filtering and anti bacteriality situations. Also this permeable material provides easy breathability for long time. It will be easy and comfortable to use for personal and social health care. Also the materials used during the production are non-allergenic skin-friendly materials which will not create any irritation.

The Nose Clip and Ear Loops

The nose clip of these masks is a small metal part in the top of it which comes to the nose part. It helps the mask to fit on different sizes of faces easily and also helps the mask to stay fixed on the face without disturbing. With this clip, you can easily adapt the mask according to your face by pushing the clip softly on your nose. One of the most important parts are the ear loops. The ear loops of these face masks are really soft and elastic, which will hold the mask firmly on the face and provide a long time usage without disturbing, also without any odor.

Editor’s Review
For a long time, these masks are being used as a market standard for medical use. Now, as it is very important to prevent spread of bacterias and viruses, and as no one is sure that he or she is not contamined, these masks are really an important precaution. For sure, these are nice, healthy and good priced products.



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